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HEARING "Brings people together"

This holds particularly true for the Akademie für Hörgeräte-Akustik (Academy of Hearing-Aid Acoustics). Since its establishment in 1972 hearing-aid acousticians from all over Germany have come to the academy in Lübeck to renowned for its highly professional vocational training and further education courses, in order to help hearing-impaired people to be able to hear again.

Overall Concept of the Academy of Hearing-aid Acoustics

Akademie für Hörgeräte-AkustikPreamble
The Academy of Hearing-aid Acoustic is the training center for hearing-aid acousticians from all over Germany. A place were knowledge and skills are further developed, promoted, compiled and passed on, in order to improve the quality of living of hearing-impaired people. At the Academy high technology medical devices are adapted to the people and thus help re-integrate people who are heard of hearing into society.

At the Academy the vocational training of apprentices, the continued education of journeyman, master craftsmen and students is combined to the benefit of everyone. The Academy is open to everyone committed to these tasks and will help those who benefit from the knowledge and skills of hearing-aid acousticians. It also represents the professional training of hearing-aid acousticians in Germany and abroad and cooperates with other organizations in order to promote and harmonize professional training standards for all of Europe.

The Academy of Hearing-aid acoustics aims at enabling its students to make modern technologies accessible for the hearing-impaired by passing on continuously up-to-date information and skills on how to use these technologies. Also hearing systems and the available equipment will only be if use to the affected people if these are adapted to their individual needs. Therefore our students will not only learn to establish an intensive communicative contact to the customer when fitting a hearing system but also to offer assistance and guidance regarding hearing problems in their private environment before and after the fitting.

Anyone working in the field of hearing acoustics should keep up to date with the latest trends and attend trainings according to the new quality standards of the Social Insurance Code. The respective courses will be offered by the Academy. The lecturers of the relevant classes are also trained continuously and they have direct contact to circles of experts. For this reason a networked center of excellence for hearing acoustics was established at the academy
The progressive training concept, the innovative technical equipment as well a the inter-disciplinary method of work enjoy a worldwide reputation. Therefore not only young people come to the Academy in Lübeck to learn the profession of hearing-aid acoustician – but also visitors from all over the world to learn about the latest developments in the field of vocational training and continued education in hearing acoustics.

Thus not only intensive contacts on an expert level develop but also friendships for life. Many former students still keep in touch with the Academy. Connected by shared objectives – and the Academy of Hearing-aid acoustics offers a unique nationwide forum and this profession and its Academy of Hearing-aid Acoustics with the Federal Guild of Hearing-Aid Acousticians as responsible body now serves as a model for many countries.

Some facts and figures

  • Founded in 1972 under the name "Training center for Hearing-Aid Acoustics"
  • Cooperation under one roof: Academy and national vocational school for hearing-aid acousticians
  • 9.000 hearing-aid acousticians and more than 1.900 Master craftsmen have been trained so far
  • 2.500 participants and visitors per year
  • 6 buildings with classrooms and boarding school all equipped according to latest standards

De jure the Academy is part of the Federal Guild of Hearing-aid Acousticians, public corporation, based in Mainz.

Educational responsibilities/tasks

The Academy is responsible for:
  • Industry-wide vocational training of apprentices
  • Full and part time classes preparing for the Master Craftsman exam
  • Continued professional training up to a course of study at the university of applied sciences with international degree
  • Research and development for the profession of hearing-aid acoustics
  • Support of hearing-aid acousticians in all aspects of training and further education
Ten full-time lecturers and over seventy part-time lecturers with practical expertise hold the training courses at the Academy. All teachers, respectively lecturers are selected according to their specific qualifications in a certain area and continuously receive advanced trainings – relating not only to their specific field of expertise but also in view to methodical and social skills.

Center of Excellence Hearing Acoustic

Since its establishment the Academy of Hearing-Aid Acoustic has developed into a national center of knowledge and skills in the field of hearing-aid acoustics. Due to the combining of existing competencies ranging from industry-wide vocational training, continued education and vocational school, the Academy has gained worldwide kudos.

In recent years there has been change in hearing-aid acoustics:
  • The field of activity for hearing-aid acousticians has widened
  • Technical and technological diversity has increased
  • Customer and quality standards have risen
  • The call for lifelong learning has intensified
The Academy of Hearing-aid Acoustics sees itself as a service provider and will take this responsibility into account. The Federal Guild has assigned the organization of a continued and sustainable continued education of hearing-aid acousticians to the Academy. After a successful learning-oriented quality testing, the ‚Center of Excellence Hearing Acoustic’ was founded with the following objectives and main responsibilities:
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the knowledge and requirements situation in science, mechanics and practice,
  • Organized knowledge networking of everyone involved and
  • Structured transfer of knowledge into all educational structures and offers
Beyond that the new Center of Excellence Hearing Acoustic also bundles all quality management activities, the extended qualification offers (e.g. Bachelor course of study „Hearing Acoustics“ at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and the A.E.A. European Diploma/Certificate „Hearing-aid Acoustician“) as well as newly created skills and knowledge. An ongoing cooperation with experts from various fields: practice, research centers, the industry, associations as well as service companies is essential for the work of the Center of Excellence. The Center of Excellence will also focus on the following activities:
  • Additional educational offers,
  • Offer comprehensive information and consultation
The Center of Excellence receives its fund from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Federal Institute for Vocational Training, the Federal Department of Economy and Export Control as we as the Ministry of Science, Economy and Transportation of the Federal State Schleswig-Holstein.