Additional Training

These refreshment courses target all apprentices, which attend the Federal Vocational School in Lübeck, mainly 2nd and 3rd year trainees. The courses take place after the classes at the Vocational School for 2x2 hours each.

The main topics are:

Taking of ear molds Objective: Have the ability to take good ear mold while taking into consideration the characteristics of the chosen material and auxiliary material and the tools available.
Milling Objective: Learn how to produce the basic shapes (ring, frame) while taking the functionality into account, i.e. the acoustic seal and the acoustic transfer characteristics. Special emphasis is also placed on design and cosmetics.
Soldering Objective: Learn how to handle the soldering iron properly and to perform soldering repair works on hearing systems and accessories.
Otoplastic check-up Objective: Preparation for the practical part of the journeyman exam part A1 (Production of ear molds) and P1b (working on a molding blank). With this exercise the current proficiency level will be determined in order to assess the training needs for the next months. The participants will be asked to take an ear mold (exam conditions) and work on an otoplastic (milling). The supervising instructors will evaluate the students’ work according to journeyman exam criteria and review their performance with each participant individually.