Master Craftsman | A.E.A.- Diploma/Certificate

Compact Course European Diploma/Certificate "A.E.A. Hearing-Aid Acoustician"

The Academy of Hearing-Aid Acoustics offers a part-time compact course to obtain the European Diploma/Certificate "A.E.A. Hearing-Aid Acoustician".
The member states of the European Association of Hearing-Aid Acousticians, Association Européenne des Audioprothésistes (A.E.A.), wants to achieve a harmonization of training and qualification in the medical profession "Hearing-aid Acoustician" in Europe and have adopted Europe-wide minimum training standards for hearing-aid acousticians. These include criteria, which describe the qualifications required to exercise this profession. This minimum standard was based on the Leonardo da Vinci program, funded by the European Union.
The following documents have to be provided in order to obtain the A.E.A.-Diploma/Certificate:
  • German Journeyman Certificate Hearing-aid Acoustics
  • German Master Craftsman Certificate Hearing-aid Acoustics
The 80 teaching units are divided among the following topics:
  • Basics of Linguistics
  • Basics of Speech Therapy
  • Biology
  • Genetics
  • Gerontology
  • IT Technology, statistics
  • Neurology
  • Perception Psychology
After attending the compact course, each students writes a final thesis on a subject from the field of Audology and Hearing Acoustics of his/her choice, yet it must be in relation to a practical work of a hearing-aid acoustician. A fulltime lecturer will be available for telephone, e-mail of personal consultation during the preparation of the thesis. Once the thesis is completed the student will present its work to a colloquium at the Academy and explain it in an expert talk with the advisor and second advisor.