Bachelor Course of Studies Hearing Acoustics in Lübeck

In 1999 the first German Hearing Acoustic Diploma course of studies already set the benchmark for the professional qualification of a trade. Developed and implemented in co-operation of the Academy of Hearing-aid Acoustics with the University of Applied Sciences, it was changed into a Hearing Acoustic Bachelor course of studies in the winter term 2004/3005.

The fitting of hearing systems in order to guarantee an optimal rehabilitation of hearing-impaired people is a comprehensive process, which does not only require specific technical knowledge, as for example on digital signal processing, but also considerable medical-audiological and especially psychosocial skills. The Bachelor course of studies Hearing Acoustic in Lübeck embraces the entire spectrum of hearing acoustics and is directed towards interdisciplinary work. It helps close the gap between the technical vocational training to become a hearing-aid acoustician and the theoretical studies at university.

The course of studies is geared towards young people who want to work on a high professional level, use their practical knowledge and take over managerial functions in the field of hearing-aid acoustics. The course of studies combines the vocational training as hearing-aid acoustician with a course of studies at the University of Applied sciences and consequently is very practice-oriented. Content-wise it is based on the three following key points:

  • Technical as well as mathematical-scientific field
  • Hearing acoustic and medical-audiological field
  • Business administration and economics

The interdisciplinary orientation of the Lübeck course of study prepares its students in the best possible way for the challenges they are confronted with in their future fields of activity audiology and hearing acoustics, e.g. in one of the following roles:

  • Head of a hearing-acoustic specialist company
  • Specialist in an audiological center
  • Audiological consultant
  • Specialist in the audiological-technical industry, especially companies producing hearing-systems.

The course of study is very practice oriented. Students work on individual projects in the field of hearing acoustics, focusing on current topics from their professional practice and will also to a 10 week internship either in the industry, a clinic and hearing-acoustic audiological company or a similar institution. Furthermore there we will organize regular field trips, which will give students an additional insight into the various fields of activity in this profession. During the field trips and the internship period they will gather valuable experience and establish contacts. By choosing specific course that will deepen their knowledge in a certain area, students can start to focus on certain topics, which are of personal interest to them and are useful for their future careers. This way, students have a chance to develop a specific profile not only in the technical, medical-audiological but also in the business administrative field.

The Lübeck Hearing-Acoustic course of studies is organized according to international standards and rates he performance of students according to the European Credit System (ECTS), which facilitates the recognition of credits in other European countries. During the internship period or while preparing the final thesis, valuable experience abroad can be gathered. A very notable characteristic of this course of study is that the theoretical part of the Master Craftsman Exam Hearing-Aid Acoustic will be recognized and is compatible with the requirements of the European Diploma/Certificate „Hearing-Aid Acoustician“ of the Association Européenne des Audioprothésistes (A.E.A.).


An Overview on the Course of Studies

Length of study: 6 semesters
International certificate: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
European Point of Student Credits (ECTS): yes
Qualifications required: University of Applied Sciences entrance diploma as well as the Journeyman Certificate in Hearing Acoustics
Recognition of credits for: Master Craftsman Exam as well as A.E.A. Diploma/Certificate
Beginning of term: winter semester
Tuition fees: none


Further information and contact persons

Academy of Hearing – Aid Acoustics: Andreas Blöß
Phone: +49 (0)451 50 29-0
e-mail: a.bloess@aha-luebeck.de
web: www.aha-luebeck.de
University of Applied Sciences Lübeck: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tchorz
Phone: +49 (0)451 300 52-40
e-mail: tchorz@fh-luebeck.de
web: www.fh-lubeck.de