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Boarding School Accommodation

Internat-Zimmer During their professional training the Academy offers trainees from all over Germany a home away from home. While studying at the Academy during the vocational training periods of several weeks, the trainees live on campus in modern guest rooms.
In the afternoon and in the evenings there is always a contact person available fort he apprentices. Apart from the free use of our internet cafe, there are many other recreational offers for the students in the evenings. Common activities help to create a sense of community which is hardly found in other professions.
Our students like to come back. The combination of learning, working and living on a modern 16,000 square meter campus creates an atmosphere which makes it easy for new students to integrate into the community.

However not only the Academy offers ideal conditions, the surrounding area could hardly be more attractive. The Baltic sea with its seaside resorts is just a stone throw away and the "Holsteinische Schweiz" (Holstein Switzerland) with its lakes and sound hills is not far away either. Not to forget the city of Lübeck, friendly and open with its picturesque city old centre of town and its diverse creational offers.

Many young hearing-aid acousticians eventually return to Lübeck in order to prepare for their master craftsman certificate and also others, professionals for many years, make use of our further education programs all through their professional life. After all, if you do not keep up to date, you will soon be out of the race.