Industrywide Vocational Training | Concentrated Training

Extracts of the training program (Unit 1 Concentrated)

Repair techniques
2,5 days in class

On these days we focus primarily on the debugging of hearing systems, especially the exchange of components, modules and the bearing of transformers. We also practice the installation of an I0 module device in a default wooden shell:
  • Service-/maintenance work on hearing-aids of various construction types
  • Unsoldering exercises
  • Work on strands
  • Exchange of components
  • Construction of an IO-Module device
  • Review by tapping and through control measuring with the measuring box
2,5 days in class

The focus in this concentrated training unit is on the inclusion of various otoplastics in the entire hearing system. Another important aspect is the manufacturing of special otoplastics as well as the making of IO shells:
  • Planning and modification of acoustic transfer behavior, ventilation
  • Manufacturing of special forms: claw, cramp, hose support
  • Overlay plastic
We closely cooperate with four manufacturers of hearing-aids and were able to win their expert employees as lecturers for these classes, thus ensuring that we offer training courses which uses state of the art technology.

Extracts from learning content (Unit 2 concentrated)

Audiometry and fitting of hearing systems
Five days of class

Over a one-week period we deal with processes and methods of fitting hearing systems. Our students have the opportunity to work for a total of eight hours with test persons, giving them the chance to practice their daily work in a real life scenario which is then discussed and evaluated afterwards:
  • Audiological preliminary talk
  • Audiometry
  • Counseling interview
  • Procedure and methodology of hearing system fitting
  • Frequency and dynamic adjustment
  • Comparitive adjustment
  • Speech tests (BIRD- Test, 0ldenburg Phrase Test)
  • Inventory of questions
  • Situation-related noise