Pediatric Acoustic | Compact Course

The entire development of hearing-impaired children will be influenced by the hearing-system they receive. This complicated process does not only require highly developed professional knowledge, but also calls for specific social skills. In order to meet these challenges, the Academy of Hearing-Aid Acoustics offers an advanced training to become a Pediatric Acoustician.
This compact course targets Hearing-Aid Acousticians with a Journeyman Certificate and 3-years of professional practice or Master Craftsmen Hearing-Aid Acoustics. Our course includes theoretical as well as practical topics. In the theoretical part we focus on medical, pedagogic and audiological knowledge, which is the basis for the necessary interdisciplinary co-operation. Practical skills for the pediatric audiometric and fitting of hearing systems will be taught and practiced in small groups and students will also carry out hearing tests and measuring with/on children.


  • General development
  • Hearing and language development
  • Interdisciplinary co-operation
  • Rehabilitation methods
  • Legal Basics
  • Remedial methods
  • Pediatric audiometry
  • Otoplastics for children
  • Counseling of parents
  • Hearing-impaired pedagogy
  • Hearing measurements
  • Specific aspects of the fitting of hearing-systems on children

The content of the Pediatric Acoustic Course at the Academy in Lübeck is continuously updated with new research findings as well as practical experience and is harmonized with the other German speaking countries in their joint quality alliance. Last but not least, our highly qualified and experienced lecturers will ensure that these courses take a responsible approach to all aspects of the very sensitive matter of dispensing hearing systems to children.