Implant Specialists | General Information

Implant specialists are responsible for the optimal care of hearing-impaired persons, who have received a hearing implant. Due to the technical integration of regular and implantable hearing systems, it is in the best interest of hearing impaired people to receive a comprehensive and interdisciplinary after-care. Therefore it is of vital importance to integrate a hearing-aid acoustician in the process of fitting hearing implants.
The professional training of a hearing-aid acoustician includes many aspects of audiology and hearing system technology. A hearing-aid acoustician will offer in depth counseling on rehabilitation methods, chooses suitable hearing systems plus accessories, fits these systems according to the individual and audiological particularities of the hearing-impaired and carries out post-fitting hearing measurements. Consequently hearing-aid acousticians are predestined to be involved in the entire inter-disciplinary process of providing hearing-impaired with implantable hearing systems.
The advanced training of a hearing-aid acoustician to become implant specialist further promotes the integration of the hearing-aid acoustician in the process of implant fitting and aftercare. Only a co-operation of ENT clinics, ENT doctors, health physicists and audiologists, pedagogic institutions, manufacturers and health insurances will guarantee a comprehensive treatment of the patient.
Upon completion of this advanced training course, participants will have acquired the theoretical knowledge and basic practical skills to:
  • Carry out an indication evaluation and do a pre-selection according to audiological criteria
  • Conduct an educational counseling on the various kinds of hearing implants
  • Ensure inter-disciplinary co-operation of ENT clinics, doctors, health physicists, audiologists, pedagogic institutions and manufacturers
  • Offer technical support
  • Work out an individual aftercare concept, which takes the audiological and technical parameters and be part of the implementation of this concept
  • Diagnosing and fixing problems
  • Ensure the hearing-impaired patient is well taken care of in the entire process of dispensing hearing systems with invasive and non-invasive techniques.
This course does not include the expert course on the fitting of cochlear implants, which is offered individually by each company. The fitting of other implants (Baha, MOI, Retro X) is possible upon completion of the advanced training.