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Mission Statement

Identity and purposeUnterricht
The responsibility to act as an educational institution derives
from the biha statutes defining it as supporting organization.
The Academy for Hearing-aid Acoustics (aha) is the central educational institution for hearing-aid acousticians from all over Germany. It is perceived as center of excellence, which develops, promotes, consolidates and passes on knowledge and skills, in order to improve the quality of life for people with hearing defects. Vocational training of apprentices, further education of journeymen, Bachelor and Master Craftsmen courses of study are combined under one roof and continuously further improved. The academy is also responsible for the development and collection of professional skills in the field of rehabilitation and care-taking of hearing-impaired persons. It defines itself as connector and service-provider for the hearing-aid industry, in as far as the supply of people with highly-sophisticated medical products and helps people with hearing defects re-integrate into society in the best possible way. The Academy considers itself as educational institution for hearing-aid acousticians in Germany and abroad and has initiated various co-operations in order to promote the profession on an international level as well as to harmonize vocational training standards in Europe.

It is our responsibility to provide the best possible education in the field of taking care of hearing-impaired people our students. This also involves a comprehensive care during the boarding school periods and especially supervision for minors.
The academy raises fees and also receives public allocations and private contributions. Through voluntary co-financing the majority of German hearing-aid acousticians demonstrates the importance of a joint shouldering of legal tasks and an independent professional education and development.

All business transactions, storage of files as well as financial reports are handled transparently and in proper
•    Standard budgetary principles of public corporations are strictly adhered to and in addition accounting books
     according to the commercial code are kept.
•    Business transactions and documents must be correct and in proper order. Fraud, thievery, embezzlement and
     money-laundering are prohibited.
•    It is also prohibited to use company-owned inventory without approval and to pass on confidential information or
     business secrets.
•    All business processes, assets are recorded and documented in line with the rules on financial reporting of the
     Bundesinnung der Hörgeräteakustiker KdöR.

We consider the protection of the environment, health and work safety an integral part of our social  
•    We look out for a responsible use of energy, water, resources and surfaces.  
•    A healthy and safe work environment for our co-workers is a matter of course.
•    We therefore respect the rules and regulations on health and safety in the work environment and actively review
     and improve existing safety standards.

We treat each other with respect and trustfully. We create a work environment free of discrimination or mobbing.
•    We promote a respectful, tolerant work environment, in which the value and dignity of each individual is
     recognized and all co-workers treat each other with courteousness, honesty and respect.
•    Each individual enjoys the right to be treated just, dignified and full of respectful. We do not tolerate
     discriminatory behaviour against co-workers, clients, customers or suppliers.
•    HR related decisions, e.g. hiring, promotions or disciplinary measures must be made free of any discrimination.
•    Direct discrimination involves treating someone less favorable – be it deliberate or not - because of their
     possession of an attribute, e.g. race, nation origin, sex (including pregnancy or motherhood), family status, age,
     disability, religion family status, national origin, military status, sexual orientation, disability, body size/shape),
     compared with someone without that attribute in the same position.
•    Any verbal or psychic offence of a person’s dignity will not be tolerated.
•    The rights and obligations of all employees will be represented by an employee committee, which was elected in 
     line with the current Federal Staff Representation Act.

We respect the existing rules and regulations when we collect, save, process or transfer personal data.
•    Personal data of employees and customers are treated strictly confidential and handled with utmost care.
•    When collecting, saving, processing or transferring personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number, date
      of birth, health records of employees, customers or others) we handle these with highest care and strict
      confidentiality in line with the existing legislation.

We handle academy property and other assets of the company responsibly and only use these for designated purposes.
•    We handle academy property of all kinds, a. o. products, work equipment (e.g. computer, paper and furniture),
      rights of use/licenses, intellectual property rights or business opportunities.
•    Assets of the academy shall only be used for designated business purposes.  Misuse for other, especially 
     improper personal, illegal or otherwise unauthorized purposes is forbidden.

We use the IT systems, which have been put at our disposal by our organization, in order to fulfil our tasks and help to protect systems and hardware from internal and external misuse.
•    Our daily business involves the regular use of IT systems and data processing.
•    This requires adequate safety measures (passwords, approved technologies, licensed software, which ensure the
     protection of intellectual property and personal data).
•    Disregarding necessary safety measures may have severe consequences, such as loss or thievery of personal
•    Since digitalized information can easily be circulated and copied and is practically indestructable, we carefully
     check the content of e-mails, attachments, downloads as well as saved speech messages.
•    We pledge to only use the IT systems put at our disposal for business and not for personal purposes, which are
      inappropriate or unsound or for unethical or illegal activities.
•    All employees must be aware that the IT resources on their work place do not belong to them, but are company

We respect and protect intellectual property of any kind, irrespective of whether it was produced by the academy or of a third party.

Customers: Clients and participants, addressees/target groups
Among the students attending training and further education classes at the academy count young apprentices, re-trainees, journeymen, master craftsmen, hearing-aid acousticians with their own business, non-profession related group and other persons interested in hearing-aid acoustics, especially, people working in the hearing-aid industry, ENT doctors, medical assistants, speech therapists, audiologists and audiotherapists. We also address representatives of people working in the field of hearing-aid acoustics all over Europe as well as from the states around the Mediterranean Sea. We currently do not offer any courses as per Social Code III.

General business objectives
The Academy for Hearing-aid Acoustics aims to enable its students to make the benefits of technical means of communication accessible to people. In order to do so, especially against the background of continuously progressing developments in the hearing system industry, it is important to pass on up-to-date information and technical skills in order to efficiently use these technologies.  Furthermore hearing systems and accessories are only of use if they meet the individual needs of people. Consequently our students are prepared and encouraged to establish intensive, communicative contact to their customers and offer help before and after the fitting with hearing problems in their private environment. The understanding that they are providing a service is of vital importance.
The academy’s various continued education and training courses focus on improving and ensuring the service quality in hearing acoustic businesses by means of well trained employees.

The academy can insure high quality training on all levels of education. All of Its teachers are qualified beyond their immediate field expertise. The have independently worked on the teaching content, attend trainings regularly and have set themselves very high standards. The visiting lecturers all of whom hold the Master Craftsman Certificate, have been carefully selected and - where necessary – will receive individual coaching and trainings.
Thanks to continuous further education of our entire team and a high investment quota, we keep up with technical developments and quickly adapt to new technical conditions, legal and economic frameworks. Most of the time, we can also make lecturers available for talks and seminars in Germany and abroad upon request.  
Through our centre of expertise ‚Hearing Acoustic’, we develop and offer new educational programs for diverse target groups. Management and administration of the academy with all before mentioned tasks as well as the service listed below is handled centrally on location.

We offer various forms of preparatory classes for the Master Craftsman Certificate as well as numerous further training and education courses at the Academy. These services are offered on various locations all over Germany. The length of the event can vary from a 1-day seminar to a 2-weeks training session. ‘Block schedules and classes in integrated from will only be offered at the academy though.
The Academy centrally handles the settlement of expenses for the industry-wide vocational training with the relevant public authorities and institutions.
Currently the Academy regularly hosts about 480 apprentices and also provides for food and accommodation.  
Journeyman’s examination and all relevant administration issues are handled exclusively in Lübeck. Two trade chambers supervise the theoretical and practical parts of master craftsman exams in the academy.
The academy’s center of expertise represents the profession of hearing aid acoustics in public and gives third parties the opportunity to hold occupational events and seminars on its premises. Our team ensures the smooth running of these events and our caterer provides food [[[[[[[&]]]]]]] beverages for the participants of these courses.  Various leisure offers and full time support  are available to the apprentices in the afternoons and evenings.

We keep the academy’s learning environment and infrastructure is as stimulating, communicative and hasslefree as possible.
The academy employes a team of fully time teachers/lecturers, infrastructural and administrative staff as well as a high number of qualified visiting lecturers from the trade, the hearing-aid industry and other related professions. Conferences, team and personnel meetings actively involve the entire team and make them committed to the implementation of the academy’s objectives.
As part of the educational institution, the academy operates a campus with specially equipped class rooms, boarding house, cafeteria and leisure rooms. Thanks to a high level of investment, an ongoing modernisation of all facilities is ensured. The creation of the center of expertise made additional funds for personnel and equipment available.

The academy also rents out rooms to the Federal Vocational School of Hearing-aid Acoustics and the staff closely works togehter on a daily basis within the framework of a „cooperation of learning locations“.

Definition Succesful Learning (DSL)
All of our students and participants of the classes offered at the academy pass their final exams after intensive preparation which also includes self-reliant learning. They are enabled to further develop from this point onward and embrace the concept of lifelong learning. Our students have the opportunity to acquire universal knowledge and skills which are beneficial to the development of their personality.
Our young students are inspired by the classical values of the modern health care profession hearing-aid acoustician.
This profession requires the ability to establish interdisciplinary connections. We therefore expect a comprehensive understanding of various fields, e.g. psychology, audiology, otoplastic, electro-acoustic to name only a few.
The definition of succesful learning is based on different approaches in the four educational areas of the academy.  
The preparation for the master craftsman exam is considered successful if the journeymen pass their exam. They will be exercising this profession on the highest quality level, operate businesses and pass on their knowledge when training apprentices.
The industry-wide vocational training is successful, if it complements the training received in the businesses as part of the dual system of apprenticeship, ensures a uniform and high level of education is reached as an addition to the in-company specialization and the professional qualification of the trainee has been brought up the the latest technological developments.
The Bachelor course of study Hearing-aid Acoustics is considered succesful if the final exam is passed and – on the basis of the vocational training – sound scientific knowledge as well as engineering skills as well as interdisciplinary knowledge from the field medical-technical audiology can be applied.
Continued education is considered succesful if the participants of our classes obtain a level of professional specialisation or if their knowledge and skills are adapted to new developments and they are able to make use of this knowledge in the every-day operation of their businesses.

All in all, we consider learning succesful if we have managed to live up to the objectives and values defined in our mission statement.