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Responsibilities and Objectives

Since its establishment the Academy of Hearing-Aid Acoustic has developed into a national center of knowledge and skills in the field of hearing-aid acoustics. Due to the combining of existing competencies ranging from industry-wide vocational training, continued education and vocational school, the Academy has gained worldwide kudos.

In recent years there has been change in hearing-aid acoustics:
  • The field of activity for hearing-aid acousticians has widened
  • Technical and technological diversity has increased
  • Customer and quality standards have risen
  • The call for lifelong learning has intensified
The Academy of Hearing-aid Acoustics sees itself as a service provider and will take this responsibility into account.
The Federal Guild has assigned the organization of a continued and sustainable continued education of hearing-aid acousticians to the Academy. After a successful learning-oriented quality testing, the ‚Center of Excellence Hearing Acoustic’ was founded with the following objectives and main responsibilities:
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the knowledge and requirements situation in science, mechanics and practice,
  • Organized knowledge networking of everyone involved and
  • Structured transfer of knowledge into all educational structures and offers
Beyond that the new Center of Excellence Hearing Acoustic also bundles all quality management activities, the extended qualification offers (e.g. Bachelor course of study „Hearing Acoustics“ at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and the A.E.A. European Diploma/Certificate „Hearing-aid Acoustician“) as well as newly created skills and knowledge. An ongoing cooperation with experts from various fields: practice, research centers, the industry, associations as well as service companies is essential for the work of the Center of Excellence.

The Center of Excellence will also focus on the following activities:
  • Additional educational offers,
  • Offer comprehensive information and consultation
In the course of the Federal Guild’s European integration, the Academy for Hearing-Aid Acoustics will be further developed to a European Center of Excellence.